Jennifer Gooch


Hi! My name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen. I spent much of my childhood doodling with markers, rummaging through the forest for treasures, and putting on shows for my parents with my younger half.

Today I work at as a Graphic Designer at a real estate company in my hometown and pretty much get to let my creativity run wild - designing brochures, writing ad copy, taking photos, and other fun stuff. I still doodle for fun, but you're more likely to find me rummaging through antique shops for treasures these days.

I really enjoy anything involving creativity, whether drawing, painting, writing, or designing. There's a certain freedom in art that you get with doing little else, at least to me. If you'd like to inquire about how I can help you with your designing needs, please drop me a line, or feel free just to say hello!

Thanks for stopping by,